HHS Stimulus: Practices May Not Be Eligible To Retain

Ericka L. Adler, JD, LLM has practiced in the area of regulatory and transactional healthcare law for more than 20 years.She represents physicians and other healthcare providers across the country in their day-to-day legal needs, including contract negotiations, sale transactions, and complex joint ventures.

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Payment Coupons for Patients | Physicians Practice

Take a page from your mortgage company. Instead of sending self-pay patients on a payment plan statements every month, give them coupons. The coupons remind them what they owe. They simply need to mail one in, with a check, each month. payment coupons.xls

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Self-Pay Discounts - Physicians Practice

Question: What has been your experience with practices offering discounts to self-pay patients?They are the only ones paying full price and the ones who can least afford it. How do practices manage this? Answer: Most practices seem to offer an across-the-board discount to self-pay patients if payment is in full at the time of service.The discounts range from 10 percent to 30 percent.

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Free Drug Samples to Patients Come with Restrictions

The availability of pharmaceutical free samples has declined in recent years, along with the number of detailers who deliver them. According to a 2012 American Medical News report, "[p]harmaceutical companies have slashed their sales rep force by about 30 percent from a high of 105,000 five years ago, according to industry figures.And as the number of detailers has fallen, so, too, has another

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7 Ways to Save Money in Tough Times | Physicians Practice

If your equity position in your house will allow it and you plan to keep your home for at least three years, common financial wisdom says that you will save money by refinancing if it cuts at least one percentage point off your current mortgage rate. 3. Use coupons and discounts.

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9 Gifts that Violate the Anti-Kickback Statute

The Anti-Kickback Statute . The AKS prohibits offering, paying or receiving anything of value in return for referrals for which payments are made by a government program (including Medicaid, Medicare and Tricare). Specifically, you can be charged with a crime for: 1.

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Five Ways to Use Social Media to Build Patient Loyalty

Show the public how much you appreciate them by rewarding social media followers. This could include a coupon code for your practice or another local business. Or, it could be as simple as providing valuable content on a regular basis. If you want to go above and beyond, I highly recommend Woobox.

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Making Time for Pharmaceutical Reps at Your Medical

The samples and coupons they bring to the office are very helpful for my patients and I choose to offer small portions of my time to them in return for what they can bring to the office. Whatever method for dealing with reps you choose, just make sure that you do not disrupt your office work flow.

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The “Secret” to a More Profitable Practice is Out: Page 2

You can offer discount coupons, freebies, a deal of the month, or bundled services depending on the needs and preferences of your target patients. A reward system can play an integral role in building brand loyalty. According to a study, a five percent increase in patient retention can translate into more than a 25 percent increase in profits.

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Surviving a Payer Claims Review Audit | Physicians Practice

In fact, no one blinks at the idea of "rationing" food with coupons. On the other hand, there is no practical way to limit how much healthcare a person might consume, short of a coupon book. Naturally, if you want to start a "silver riot," try broaching the subject of rationing Medicare to seniors.

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Recognizing Medical Practice Staff: Page 2 of 4

If you can spare the manpower, you might also consider giving out coupons for half days off, or an extended lunch break. Gift cards to a local coffee shop, or movie passes for the family are also budget friendly. Just be sure you're doling out rewards that serve to motivate your staff. The only way to know what they want is to ask.

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